About Lisa Anne Novelline


My name is Lisa Anne Novelline. I am an avid student of life. I have formally studied psychology, mathematics, and education, finding my home in these disciplines at the intersection of critical thinking, problem solving, and how best to nurture these most essential skills.

I have taught both middle and high school mathematics, though middle school was my preference as I aimed at catching the kids before they convinced themselves they could not “do math”. My underlying objective remained teaching thinking skills through mathematics.

I am a nature lover, a Quantum Physics enthusiast, an incurable bibliophile, and a devoted fan of the writing of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Currently, I am working on a multi-award winning children’s picture book series, “Piccadilly’s Magical World”, a universe wherein children can imagine possibilities, experiment with ideas, and dream solutions as rich and diverse as they are. The first two books in this series are: Piccadilly and the Fairy Polka and Piccadilly and the Waltzing Wind. I am also writing a science fiction/fantasy novel for young adults, writing for an exciting upcoming video game tentatively titled Discoverous, and authoring the blog Holiday & Hearth, dedicated to anyone longing to cultivate and/or celebrate a deeper connection to the cycles of nature.

I wish for you every happiness along with a touch of magic! Thank you so much for visiting. :)