Craft Ideas for Spring: Tissue Paper Flowers!


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Looking for craft ideas for spring? Nothing announces this particular season like flowers, and these beauties… where to start?! Tissue paper flowers are easy to make and lovely to look at. They also have many decorative uses, exercise our creativity, tap into the amazing natural color palette of the season, and reconnect many of us to our youth (as most of us at one time or another fondly remember crafting them).

I decided to use these as an embellishment for my May Day place settings, but I had so much fun making them, I am now considering creating  a craft station for the day of our May Day Festival as well!

I refreshed my memory on the “how to’s” with the help of a very user-friendly set of directions from Disney’s Family Fun.

*NOTE: It has come to my attention that these directions have been removed from the website. To summarize:

  1. Assemble stacks of tissue squares. I used six pieces in each stack and varied the color.
  2. Fold each stack like a fan.
  3. Fasten in the center with a pipe cleaner stem
  4. With scissors round each of the sides of the fan.
  5. Create the bloom by holding the stem and separating each layer, one at a time, by gently teasing upward.

I then modified as follows:

  • I wanted small blossoms (the original instructions had been for large flowers) and so chose to use 6.25″ squares of tissue paper. I bought these precut from A Toy Garden (listed as “kite paper”) for the Spring Equinox Kite Making Craft Station. (It was wonderful to get another use from them so soon!) Feel free to purchase these, cut your own with the same dimensions, or alter the size any way you choose. Experimenting can be part of the fun!
  • I sliced two small notches on the center of each side in the tissue paper fans) to allow the wire to hold the tissue more securely in position.
  • I was out of pipe cleaners and substituted floral wire wraps.
  • I eliminated the green final touches as my flowers will not be visible beyond the bloom

I laid out my materials in advance as I generally do. Then got to work!

* While crafting these I recommend opening a window (as long as the breeze is light), letting the sun shine in, and inhaling the fresh, spring air! :)

Holiday and Hearth Holiday & Hearth Lisa Anne Novelline craft blog Paper flower supplies

After I had finished, I was so pleased at how festive these little creations appeared (They practically seemed to sing that spring is all around) that I knew I must have hit on something magical!

Now might also be the time to mention what a super activity this is for children! Simple to perform, especially if the materials are prepared in advance and lovely to behold, making these flowers will likely bring joy to all :)

Ultimately in my home these will sit in small bowls on my dinner table, but the many possibilities are really only limited by your imagination! Sizes, colors, shapes… all your choice. Use what makes you smile! These flowers can lead not only to a fun-filled craft idea for spring but also to a lovely decorative accent for almost anything!

Holiday and Hearth Holiday & Hearth Lisa Anne Novelline craft blog Tissue flowers on table

I am eagerly anticipating looking into other forms of paper flower making in the future, and as soon as I do, I will share what I find. In the mean time, enjoy this activity as among the light, breezy, and easy-peasy craft ideas for spring!

Have fun!!


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