Craft Ideas For Spring: Egg Candle Decorating!

Decorated Egg Candles

Looking for craft ideas for spring? Surprisingly, at our family’s last Spring Festival, this activity proved to be the hands-down favorite attracting participants who routinely pass on crafts. Simple and lovely, egg-shaped candles sitting in holders designed to keep them steady are decorated with super thin sheets of beeswax cut or molded into shapes of your choosing! Easy and fantastic!

Candles and holders were purchased at Hearthsong. (Update: Sadly, they have since discontinued carrying these, but very similar pastel egg candles are available here on Amazon. These also work beautifully. They just have a bit of color behind them. I also tracked down some more white ones on ebay. Also, another option for the stands is egg holders. Amazon sells a lovely set of polka-dotted pastel cups here. Another fun idea might be to pick up a vintage collection on ebay. What a wonderful way to add depth and nostalgia to this already near-perfect activity!)

Decorating wax sheets were purchased at A Toy Garden (multi-colored as well as gold and silver were used in the example above).

Feel free to use any candles as well. They need not be shaped like eggs. This activity can really be adapted to any celebration by varying the shapes and colors of the candles or the decorative wax.

Craft ideas for spring are not always that easy to come by, and this one truly suits young and old alike. With no real messiness, no hot glue, and a finished candle that can be as simple or as complicated as its creator chooses, this activity proved to be a definite keeper!!

Happy candling & Happy spring!

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