Creating Spring Craft Stations!

Colorful straws

One of the most important considerations to successful crafting in groups is how to make it appealing and approachable, especially for those who are not regular crafters. Challenge yourself to aim for the involvement of everyone! Below is a great system for optimizing enjoyment…

The three P’s to success:

Close up making a kite


Be sure and try each and every craft before having others participate. This will ensure you have not only all the materials but also all the tools and aids necessary for success already figured out in advance. Also, this will make you into an expert who can answer questions for those who are unsure at your celebration.

Close Up of Egg Table


Create ready made groupings of items that allow easier and faster success to minimize possible frustration. For example pre-cut muticolored straw bundles and precut tissue paper triangles make kite-making feel so much friendlier.

Kite Table


Presentation often makes the difference between participation and non-participation. Having supplies neatly and colorfully laid out with readily available instructions and labeling is so inviting that it is hard to resist. Utility tables covered in lovely pastel plastic tablecloths keep items looking neat and often double as protected work surfaces. Placing instructions and possible pictures of samples in page protecters (readily available at Staples) keep important documents clean, uncut, and reusable. Create your own posters using computer drawing programs or even word processing software or feel free to recreate ours (Click on images for full size version.):

Spring Activity PosterEgg Candle PosterDecoupage Egg PosterKitemaking Poster

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