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May Day frequently conjures images of romantic love. Nonetheless, the special love between family members, though a different kind of bond, is also amazing, and spring is the perfect time to celebrate it! 

This activity is an all time favorite. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  1. After dinner but before dessert, and before the candle activity (if you choose to engage in that one as well), I hand out cards to each of my May Day guests. These cards can be homemade or purchased, whichever works best for your time and budgetary concerns. They should all be unique though. I purchased handmade (though not by myself) photo cards at a local farm stand that displayed images of varying flower blossoms that fill this season with some of its special brand of magic. (I love to support local artists and do so whenever I have the opportunity.) On the inside each of these cards was blank.

  1. Next I hand out multi-colored thin markers. (like Crayola) I remove yellow in advance, though, as it is hard to see. Everyone gets their own color (as nearly as possible depending on number of guests). It is also important that each marker writes well. Pragmatically, the writing tools need to be clear and legible, but perhaps even more importantly, the pleasure of writing with a fresh colorful magic marker should not be underestimated and is part of the enjoyment of the activity, so verifying in advance is a good idea.

  1. Each guest puts their name on the top of the inside of the card.

  1. Then we choose a direction and pass. For example, if we choose right. Each participant  holds onto their marker but passes their card to the guest on their right. Each then writes a brief personal message, something loving about the friend or family member whose card is in front of them, something about why this particular person is so special to him/her. (Generally a couple of sentences, but no steadfast rules here). Each of these messages may appear anywhere in the card (not necessarily in essay-like form).

  1. When everyone is finished we pass to the right again and repeat the process.

  1. This procedure continues until your card comes back to you, and when it does, it is filled with multi-colored loving messages that almost look like flowers, all loving sentiments that reinforce to each and every one of us how loved and valued we are.

Truly a bonding experience, this is an amazing activity for children because it gives them the opportunity to consider how much they value each of the adults in their lives, an exercise they seldom engage in. Everyone else benefits immensely as well, and it is just as rewarding to write the messages as it is to receive them.

May all your hearts be filled with the joy of spring! Have a tissue box ready, and enjoy :)

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