Spring Egg Decorating!

Decoupaged Goose Eggs

Decoupaged Goose Eggs

Spring egg decorating is such a fun and honored tradition. Eggs symbolize new hatchlings and the fertility of the coming season. They have long been venerated as symbols of spring, and decorating them just adds to the magic. I love repeating the same loved procedure each year but I also think branching out can be fun.


There are many different ways to decorate eggs from hand painting with acrylics, to dying with natural dyes (or the synthetic ones readily available everywhere). Any option can be wonderful depending on what inspires you. One interesting and somewhat less common option is to decoupage them. This involves glazing over small pictures, tissue paper, and the like to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind layered masterpieces. One of the fun things about decoupage is that instead of being about one or two images, the design can actually create a mood with color and pattern and convey quite complex arrays of beauty and emotion.

Any eggs will do, but why not consider hollowed out goose eggs? They provide larger surfaces to work with and create lovely keepsakes. They are available on Amazon from many vendors and elsewhere I am sure. Vintage egg cups would serve as darling holders, but the bottom portions of paper cups work just as nicely.

Goose Eggs waiting to be Decorated

Napkins, wrapping paper, seasonal tissue paper (flowers, bunnies, etc.) or any thin paper images of spring will serve well. Explore what you have handy. Mod Podge, and foam brushes are really the only other required materials. Though unnecessary, kits are available to save time. I bought one at Hearthsong. Easy to follow instructions were included.

After finishing, the eggs can be arranged in cupcake holders as pictured above. They can also be used as centerpieces, on egg trees, as seasonal gifts, you name it. At the end of your celebration, they can be brought home and treasured.

Have a great time, let your spirit sail, and happy spring! :)

Close Up of Egg Table

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