Spring Party Crackers

Spring Equinox Cracker

Nothing says fun like holiday crackers! Who doesn’t love sitting around the holiday table in December, popping open those lovely little snapping mysteries to discover what hidden goodies may be inside? Then of course there are the riddles and the paper crowns … so much fun for young and old alike! Unfortunately, they are very expensive and only typically available around the winter holidays. Solution: Make them yourself! How wonderful to choose your riddles and prizes. They can even be themed! Great directions for the process & all the supplies you could need are available at Olde English Crackers . That’s where we got our supplies!

Not feeling crafty? No problem! They also sell a wider range of already made ones than most other retailers I have seen!

Cracker Filler Toys

  • To cover our crackers in a lovely spring print, we chose cherry blossom wrapping paper.
  • Inside the crackers, we used paper crowns & snappers from  Olde English Crackers.
  • Our toy surprises were tiny Russian nesting dolls decorated with flowers and ladybugs (2 different types) along with similarly themed Russian nesting doll lapel pins. These lovely gems were purchased online at the ebay store: Russia2U
  • I also recommend that you wrap little fragile items in a single layer of bubble wrap or several layers of tissue, as sometimes items fly when the crackers are popped!
  • For the young ones, mini etch-a-sketches were quite a hit!
  • For our jokes and riddles, we scoured the Internet for “Spring Riddles” and chose our favorites. We formatted word for business cards and then printed on cardstock: one riddle and one Spring quote on each and finally decorated them a bit with colored markers, and voila! Make your own, or feel free to use ours (Click directly on riddle sheet for full-sized image):

Spring Cards with Riddles and Quotes





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