Baskets & Cherry Blossoms: Traditional Spring Dining Table Centerpieces and Décor

Full Spring Equinox Table Image

Looking for ideas for your spring dining table centerpieces and décor? Combining pinks, greens, eggs, baskets, and cherry blossoms… you can never go wrong with traditional colors and themes! Every component of this lovely spring table setting is detailed here. Feel free to browse and enjoy!


The sample shows a Martha Stewart spring green tablecloth purchased on ebay. (Purchasing “like new” rather than “new” can to help support the environment by lowering the need to produce more “stuff”. It also feels good to recycle what was unwanted from one home into something once more cherished.)


These are hand-made, circular bead placemats that almost glow. They feel magical & add an extra sparkle to the table reminiscent of the magic of fresh green grass and new leaf buds. Simply gorgeous! Here is the link: Ebay Bead Placemats


For spring nothing can beat a lovely pink, floral pattern. This one is “Harmony House Cascade”



Water glasses were purchased in a set at TJ Maxx. Petite European crystal wine glasses look lovely and allow small, frequent pours for course pairings. These were purchased on ebay.

Spring Equinox Hurdy Gurdie

Hurdy Gurdies:

Guests are enamored with these spellbinding, miniature, hand-crank music boxes decorated with seasonal Victorian images. One at each seat makes an unforgettable keepsake. Available at: Victorian Trading Co.

Spring Equinox table centerpieces

Table Centerpieces:

Two pink beeswax tapers in the center (candles purchased at Whole Foods) Note: beeswax, soy, or palm wax candles are preferable to paraffin as they do not release toxic compounds into your environment. Holders are off-white and were purchased at Linens & Things. Crystal bowl to the right contains floating candleholders with pastel tea lights within. These wonderfully, versatile holders are available at: Save On Crafts. To the left is a pink pedestal tray holding delicious and lovely to look at frosted egg biscuit cookies (see Spring Equinox: Menus & Recipes)

Tulip napkin holder and pink napkin

Napkins and napkin holders:

Lovely and versatile “candy pink” cotton napkins purchased at Amazon are pulled through delicate tulip napkin rings purchased at Linens & Things

Pink satin chair bow

Chair covers & Chair Bows:

White spandex covers. Available at: Pink satin bows. Available at the ebay store: Complete Wedding Supply.


Each of the following are also present on the table. Click on words to link to unique posts with detailed instructions.


May your spring table centerpieces and decor inspire you,

and may you have an amazing spring celebration!

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  1. What beautiful decor! I love the pink tablecloth and the cute eggs in the baskets. Great ideas, Thanks for sharing :-)

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